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Location: Sevilla, Spain
Industry Sector: Engineering Consulting

We are specialized company at the providing services at Civil Engineering area. Ever since we started in 2001 we have experienced a considerable growth resulting from the development and execution of important projects for both public and private clientes.

We are in the process of expanding our activities towards new sectors and markets, both national and international. This service expanding and diversifications is UG21’s current main objectives.

In UG21 we work with perseverance and professionalism in accordance with the following principles:

  • Client approach
  • Ongoing training of staff
  • Application of the latest technologies and technical tools
  • Commitment to continuous improvement.

Our references consolidate us as a sound firm when faced with new challenges, projects and initiatives. We provide Engineering Consulting services (projects and monitoring of construction works) in different areas:

  • Civil Engineering
  • Aeronautical
  • Environmental Engineering
  • Construction Services
  • Integrated project management
  • Urban planning and architecture


UG21 provides a wide range of Engineering Consulting services, which include the following:

Civil Engineering:
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Airport infrastructures
  • Hydraulic works
  • Ports and maritime works
  • Singular structures
  • Geotechnics
Construction services:
  • Tender support
  • Construction technical assistance
  • Engineering Outsourcing 
Environmental engineering:
  • Environmental monitoring plans
  • Impact studies
  • Environmental control and monitoring of construction works
Integrated project management:
  • Project management
  • Construction management
Urban planning and architecture:
  • Urban planning
  • Development planning
  • Architecture


Consultores de Ingeniería UG21 SL bases its business policy taking into account that the final quality is the global result of everyone’s effort.

The idea of ​​Quality is not only reduced to technical quality if all the departments so that both the service and the product and the treatment are excellent quality.
Furthermore, UG21 wants to promote sustainability and environmental respect by reflecting it not
only in the measures taken in each of its projects if not in the daily operation of the company betting on the training and environmental commitment of each of its members.

This objective was materialized in 2003 with the implementation and certification of the Quality and Environmental Management System according to the UNE-EN-ISO 9.001 and UNE-EN-ISO 14.001 standards, respectively. And it was expanded with the certification of the System with the Management of R + D + i according to the UNE 166002: 2014 standard.

This fact contributes to the optimization of its technological research and innovation processes and supports the company’s commitment to support the evolution of new technologies by investing in this field.

There is no doubt that it is one more step within the company’s policy of continuous improvement and guarantee for its customers.



UG21 Engineering Consultants has become a reference at the execution of studies, projects, and control of linear works, both for public and private organisms. It takes part actively at the different phases or stages of which a technical assistance can consist to a linear work, from the planning and design, up to the construction and later exploitation and conservation.

For this propose it possesses a multidisciplinary staff made of different specialists with wide experience confirmed in planning, design and assistance of works, supported with the best tools of the market. His area of action spreads to the whole set of infrastructures and linear works:

  • Highways
  • Conventional roadways
  • Improvement of existing roads
  • Rail infrastructures and suestructures  

One of the strong points of UG21 Engineering Consultants expertise are the hydrological studies and hydraulic works. UG21 has realized lots of projects both national and internationally.

UG21 possesses an specialized and experienced staff on this matter with the latests informatic applications updated for the accomplishment of the above mentioned functions.

The action fields of hydrologic and hydraulic works and studies:

  • Dams
  • Channels hydraulics
  • Wastewater treatment plants and drinking water plants
  • Healthcare, sanitation and clean water supplies
  • Irrigation systems
  • Flooding studies

The Maritime Works, as well as the planning, management and support to exploitation of the ports and coasts, have become a constant inside the expertise of our company.

Beach studies, Port-city Special Plans of Integration,new facilities Projects, etc, and control of the above mentioned are some of the action fields.

During the company’s life, we have formed a department of Ports and Coasts, with a high qualified and experienced staff, counting also with the latests software, which has allowed us to contract works in and out of our country, at the public and private sector, and it has positioned us as a reference company.


The Environment and Quality area of UG21 has being consolidating with firm step throughout the last years. It has allowed us to reach the necessary experience to establish our own environmental criteria of reference, based on sustainability and respect for the environment that surrounds us. In a continuous changing society, at UG21 we are aware of the need to invest in innovation and development. That’s why at the environmental department we constantly try to apply to our projects an integrating vision of the environment.

Inside the fields of activity of the environmental department we can stand out the following:

  • Studies of environmental impact of projects
  • Plans of environmental restoration
  • Environmental vigilance actions
  • Environmental management system plans
  • Waste management system plans



The area of Structures has been one of the fundamental props of UG21 from his foundation. Accumulates an experience with interventions in more than 500 structures between bridges, parkings, malls and singular buildings, as well as surveys and projects of reinforcement in structures with pathologies or capable of change of use.

From the beginning, UG21 bets both for the formation and specialization of the staff of the department and for the acquisition of specific programs, this has pointed UG21 between leader consultings in the matter.

Nowadays, the area of Structures of UG21 is taking part in several projects and works in different countries emphasizing his actions in Spain and countries of South America. Activities that it realizes with the different regulations in every country thanks to his experience accumulated throughout the years.


Our recent international expansion, has allowed us to extend our knowledge areas, thanks to the strategic alliances with other companies of the sector. During the last years, we have developed a wide expertise in the Airport and Aeronautical field, so much in the design of infrastructures, main plans ,control and vigilance.

Today we possess an specialized staff of Engineers who allow us to confront any challenge successfully, and it constitutes a very important part of our turnover.

Main Business areas:

  • Aeroportuary consultancy
  • Aeroportuary infraestructures
  • Aeroportuary management
  • Aeroportuary systems

Engineering Consultants UG21 has consolidated its railway area, through large international construction projects in which, thanks to its association with other national companies specializing in the sector, has revealed a broad knowledge and technical quality in the design and technical assistance in railway works.

Today we have a technical team capable of facing new challenges in the railway sector, both nationally and internationally.


Thanks to the continuous search for improvement, we have created a Department of Architecture in recent years, in which we design and direct Singular and Institutional Building works, both for public and private clients. Multiple references in transport terminals, railways, schools, airports, ports, etc. they endorse us.