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Sector: Hot Dip Galvanizing
Location: Ankara, Turkey

ANI METAL is a leading company focused on the hot-dip galvanizing industry, providing vanguard Turnkey Galvanizing plants. ANI METAL based on its technical expertise and the cutting-edge technology that incorporates in its galvanizing plants (Furnaces: Kingfield, Automatic Crane System: Scheffer, Kettle: W. Pilling) , it provides an engineering solution to maximize the output and efficiency of its galvanizing plants, securing a reliable operation and maximizing the return to its clients.
Additionally, ANI METAL provides additional services as:
  • Engineering & Consulting Services
  • Factory Equipment
  • Installation & Commissioning
  • Galvanizing Chemicals

Product Portfolio

a. Turnkey Hot Dip Galvanizing Plants

ANI METAL as one of the leading plant suppliers in the hot-dip galvanizing industry, it has completed the installation of 65 turnkey hot-dip galvanizing plants worldwide and has cooperated with more than 100 companies in consulting services and supply of galvanizing equipment with leading business partners.

ANI METAL is a company that supplies Turnkey hot-dip galvanizing plants through the development and integration of projects with vanguard technologies, supporting the objectives of its clients in terms of high efficiency, high quality and low cost. ANI METAL has a strategic partnership with leading suppliers of critical equipment for the galvanizing industry: Kingfield, Scheffer and W. Pilling.

b. Engineering & Consulting Services

The performance of the hot-dip galvanizing process depends on factors such as product quality, operating costs, well-trained staff, process knowledge, proper plan lay-out and equipment selection.

In competition-intense markets, galvanizing companies with low costs and high quality with achieve an advantage.

ANI METAL provides Consultancy and Engineering support with plant layout, selection of level of automatization, cost control, so our client can achieve a privileged position in its local market via cost reduction and a quality increase perceived by the final user.

c. Factory Equipment

ANI METAL has entered into strategic partnerships with leading suppliers of the Galvanizing Equipment industry.

Nowadays environmental factors and regulations are increasingly gaining importance, and boosting the installation of environmental friendly galvanizing plants. This type pf plants where all tanks and surface treatment chemicals are placed in an encapsulated room and the galvanizing furnace is enclosed and the zinc fume is collected and filtered are the preferred solution for occupational health and safety standards.

According to our client needs, ANI METAL develops and integrates specific solutions engineered for them, including:
  • Automatic Crane Systems: Scheffer
  • Galvanizing Furnaces: Kingfield
  • Galvanizing Kettles: W. Pilling
  • Driers and Heat Exchangers
  • Enclosures
  • Encapsulate Pretreatment Rooms
  • Pretreatment Auxiliary Equipment
  • Lifting Lowering Stations
  • Conveyors and Transfer Trolleys
  • Bag Filter for Galvanizing fumes
  • Flux Treatment Systems
  • Hydrochloric Acid Recycling System “HARU”
  • Water Treatment System
  • Centrifugal Galvanizing
  • Zinc Pump and Dross Grab
  • Zinc Ash Recovery Furnace “ZIMELTER”
d. Installation and Commissioning

ANI METAL carries out the on-site installation and commissioning of the galvanizing equipment with its team of engineers and experienced technicians.

In addition to installation and commissioning of turnkey hot-dip galvanizing plants and galvanizing equipment, ANI METAL provides assistance services as maintenance, repair and training to its customers. ANI METAL keeps a dedicated phone line 24 hours for urgent assistance services worldwide. ANI METAL knows the importance of a quick response related to any important issue that may arise in a hot-dip galvanizing plant.

e. Galvanizing Chemicals

The utilization of the right galvanizing chemicals during the pretreatment process is critical in order to increase the quality of the galvanizing process and to reduce the cost of the galvanizing process.

Using the latest technology in galvanizing chemicals, allows our clients to reduce their operation costs by reducing the reprocessing of material and providing the Zinc content that the final user is requesting in its technical specs, increasing the quality and added value perceived by their final users.

Please find below the summary of our galvanizing chemicals:

  • Nickel tablets
  • Zinc Spray
  • Flux
  • Hydronet
  • Antivapor
  • Ironsave
  • Filmflux
  • Antiblast
  • Flux Zinc
  • Passivation

Business Partnerships

SCHEFFER: Automatic Crane Systems

Scheffer is a leading company focused on internal transport in hot-dip galvanizing plants. In most hot-dip galvanizing plants is essential that the crane system offers enough flexibility to meet the client needs. Scheffer has successfully overcame this challenge and became the preferred supplier for semi-automatic and fully automatic solutions for cutting edge hot-dip galvanizing plants.

Please find below the main characteristics of Scheffer crane systems:

  • Automatic and semi-automatic galvanizing plants
  • Vanguard technology transportation systems
  • Tailor made solutions
  • High efficiency
  • Computerized process control and monitoring
  • Reliability
  • Durability
KINGFIELD: Galvanizing Furnaces

Kingfield uses the most advanced technology, research and development facilities to provide the world´s leading combustion system.

Our main characteristics and expertise include:

  • More than 35 years of experience and more than 60 major hot-dip galvanizing plants in Australia, New Zealand, South East Asia, China and Middle East.
  • Fuel efficient high velocity combustion systems
  • Reversible/change of direction from combustion system to increase kettle life
  • Extended furnace life – more than 20 years – without major refit
  • Advanced insulation system minimizes heat loss
  • Efficient burners allow minimal number of burners and reduced components and maintenance.
  • Chamber pressure and temperature sensors
  • Modular construction enabling kettle size change
  • Turbo heat boost function
  • Optimized thermal efficiency and heat transfer
  • 3 term PID control system for zinc and flue temperature control
  • Gas, diesel o electrical heating systems
  • Advanced safety systems
  • Leak detection systems
  • External Thermocouple
  • PLC Control
  • Low Nox and CO Burners

Hybrid Furnace (for Renewable Energy Source)

Kingfield has combinations of plug & play features dependent upon the customer´s requirement, energy source and availability.

With renewable electricity produced from solar, wind or hydro power and now combining with green hydrogen, our hybrid furnace design is powered by renewable electricity & green hydrogen fuel to reduce the carbon footprint of our clients and final users.

W. PILLING: Galvanizing Kettles

W. Pilling is the world´s leading kettle manufacturer with more than 100 years’ experience:

  • Pilling galvanizing kettles are produced exclusively at their factory in Riepe, Germany.
  • Pilling provides the very best kettles with wall thicknesses of up to 80 mm. There are very few restrictions on the dimensions, shapes and weights of the components.
  • Pilling’s entire production is designed to minimize the introduction of mechanical stresses into the kettle material.
  • Pilling’s electroslag welding process, which uses only one layer to weld the entire thickness of the kettle, results in a very uniform temperature input.
  • For aluminum-containing zinc alloys, a special weld cladding protects the kettle wall from corrosion.


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